Movie Log 2013

15. The Paperboy (Lee Daniels, 2012) (BluRay rip)

On Sunday we washed away the boring sea of Life of Pi with the sweat, blood, swamp water, and, of course, urine of the Paperboy. It pretty much lives up to being The Movie in Which Nicole Kidman Urinates on Zac Efron or, maybe more to the point The Kind of Movie in Which It Would Make Sense for Nicole Kidman to Urinate on Zac Efron. That’s a compliment to its thorough unsavory-ness, which is appreciated. Also appreciated is a maybe-really-great performance from Macy Gray in a Macy-Gray-slowed-down register as Efron fam’s maid/mother character and Kidman playing a character with a melted Barbie doll for a soul with great enthusiasm. Nobody could possibly give a shit about the plot, of course, but that’s true of many great(er) noirs. There are spectacular things in the muck here (rather, some of the muck is spectacular).